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Considered a thought-leader in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Stuart L. Frost is a lecturer, consultant, and practitioner with over two decades of experience creating truly beautiful smiles using emerging technologies and progressive techniques. He is widely known as The Artist Orthodontist, a reputation he has gained by creating wide, aesthetically pleasing smiles for each of his patients, no matter how challenging the case. Dentistry is a tradition in the Frost Family, and Dr. Frost’s passion for dentistry and orthodontics started at a young age while watching his father work. As a teenager, he experienced braces himself and fell in love with the idea of creating beautiful smiles for others as his father had done for him. After years of schooling, fellowship, and real-world experience, Dr. Frost is now one of the profession’s leading experts in innovative and artistic orthodontics. Dr. Frost is highly involved in the industry, giving him a front-row seat to innovation, technology, and change in the global orthodontic community. He’s passionate about furthering his field and travels all over the world to share what he’s learned with other orthodontists. He acts as a global facilitator observing other practitioners and their techniques, incorporating and improving those techniques within his own practice, and then sharing the outcomes to produce the best results for patients worldwide.

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