Advanced Technology

Technology is a game changer for orthodontics. Check out what new tools Dr. Frost uses to treat his cases.

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3D Cone Beam Digital Scanner

We believe that better information enables better results, and we prove it every day. With our cone beam scanner, we’re able to get far more information than a traditional x-ray can give, with a fraction of the exposure time of older technologies. We use the incredible detail from our scans to create more precise treatment plans.

With our i-CAT FLX, we are able to evaluate the TMJ, measure airway volume, discover impacted and missing teeth, and create detailed treatment plans for our patients.

3Shape Digital Intraoral Scanner

The days of goopy impressions of the teeth are long gone! Our 3Shape scanner can create a detailed, digital map of your teeth, giving us a digital impression without the mess! With these digital impressions, we’re able to order Invisalign and custom appliances with more precision and a faster turn around time.

Spectrum Lasers

Specturm lasers are the end result of years of scientific development. These lasers are handcrafted and developed specifically for orthodontics. Lasers are very efficient at making incisions with minimal tissue charring and ensures patient comfort and superior healing.