Dr. Frost values your Frost Smile and wants to help you protect it!

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Frost Smiles for Life!

  • Dog ate your retainers?

  • Lost your retainers?

  • Retainers melted in the hot Arizona sun?


Just bring in your 3D model, and we’ll make you a new one!




We use the Trios 3Shape 3D intraoral scanner to digitally take an impression of your mouth once your treatment is finished!

We then use a FormLabs 3D printer to create a plastic model of your teeth!

Program Details

Frost Smiles for Life is a program that allows any patient who received orthodontic treatment from Dr. Frost (After April 1, 2017) to receive free replacement clear retainers to protect their Frost Smile. We take a 3D scan of your mouth and 3D print you a model of your teeth to take home. If you lose your clear retainer, bring your model in and we’ll make you a new one free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I was treated before April 1, 2017, how do I enroll?

A: Current and former patients of Dr. Frost can buy in to the program for $380. OR if you refer a friend to our office and they start treatment, we’ll waive the fee!

Q: I wasn’t treated by Dr. Frost. Can I still enroll?

A: Yes! Patients who did not receive orthodontic treatment by Dr. Frost can buy in to the program for $750.

Q: Does the program also cover the Damon Splint I received after my treatment?

A: Unfortunately, no. Because Damon Splints require more material and lab time to make, there will be a fee for replacing one.

Q: Does the program also cover my permanent retainer?

A: Dr. Frost will repair permanent retainers (upper and lower) for up to a year after treatment, free of charge. If an upper permanent retainer breaks after one year, Dr. Frost usually chooses not to repair it. Patients are advised to just continue wearing their clear retainers at night. If the patient still wants it repaired after the 1 year mark, we will do so for a small fee.